Condanna dei bombardamenti da parte di USA, Regno Unito e Francia in Siria. L’appello dei partiti comunisti del mondo.

Di Ufficio Stampa. Pubblichiamo l’appello sottoscritto dal PCI

Condemnation of the bombing of Syria by the USA, United Kingdom and France against Syria

The signatory Parties:

– express their vehement condemnation of the imperialist military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic carried out by the USA, United Kingdom and France;

– consider that this unacceptable act of aggression, which is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter and of International Law, is an integral part of the escalation of confrontation and wars of aggression by imperialism, with unpredictable and dangerous consequences for Syria, the Middle East and the world;

– call for solidarity with the Syrian people who have, for seven years, been confronting the aggression by US imperialism and its allies – whether directly or by the proxy action of terrorist groups –, resisting and fighting to defend the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of their country, and their right to decide about their destiny, free from any interference.


The signatory Parties :

Communist Party of Argentina
Communist Party of Bangladesh
Communist Party Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium)
Communist Party of Brazil
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Colombian Communist Party
Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
AKEL (Cyprus)
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Israel
Italian Communist Party
Jordanian Communist Party
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Communist Party of Malta
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Philippines Communist Party (PKP – 1930)
Portuguese Communist Party
South African Communist Party
Communist Party of Spain
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communists of Catalonia
Sudanese Communist Party
Communist Party of Ukraine
Communist Party of Venezuela

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