Appeal for communist unity within a front of the class left

The outcome of the policies that have prevailed in our country in recent decades under the banner of liberal culture, austerity, policies to which the centre-right and centre-left have submitted, is there for all to see: increasingly poor, insecure, alone.

The hopes for change that many, including in the working population, have placed in relation to the League and the Five Star Movement, which led to the affirmation of the Conte government, despite being largely unfulfilled, are now reflected in a growing consensus given to the party of Salvini.

The political balances that are emerging, more and more oriented to the right, put a heavy burden, from many points of view, on the future of our country, which is and remains deeply immersed in its financial, economic and social crisis.

A crisis which, on this level, although with considerable differences, has also affected a large part of Europe, which, in the context of the pronounced structural crisis of the capitalist system, in the redefinition of the geopolitical balances determined by the process of globalisation which has emerged under the banner of the concentration of financial capital, is paying the highest price.

A country, our country, which also highlights a deep ethical/moral crisis and, in an evident cause-effect relationship, an equally deep political crisis.

The communist forces, the forces of the alternative left, have registered over time, especially in recent years, emblematic of the recent elections, their progressive withdrawal, their growing marginality.

If for more than a decade the former have been excluded from Parliament, it is very likely that with the next general elections, for many inevitably anticipated given the internal conflict in the government, the latter are also excluded.

It’s time for reconstruction, time for unity.

As PCI, we are firmly convinced of the need for a subject able to hold together the criticism of the founding structures of capitalism, to propose an alternative system, and at the same time to promote a class opposition as broad and united as possible.

An opposition which, by placing the question of peace and disarmament at the centre, of Italy’s exit from NATO, of the fight against imperialism and neo-colonialism, of the break with this European Union, of the affirmation of the Constitutional Charter, by promoting a broad cycle of struggles aimed at changing the balance of power, proposes itself as a credible alternative in the eyes of the social movement assumed as a reference, starting from the world of work, thus determining the conditions for overcoming its own crisis.

We are convinced of the need for an opposition that has as its central axis the unity of the communists, found on the basis of a similar political culture, and the left-wing class as a whole.

The unity of the communists within a class left front, political and social, is and remains the objective of the PCI, which in function of this launches an appeal to all the forces that do not resign themselves to the given conditions, aware that today more than ever it is of what is needed.

Unity in diversity is the answer.

The National Secretariat of the Italian Communist Party

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