No to the imperialist aggression in Syria!

by Francesco Valerio della Croce, national secretariat of the PCI

We condemn and denounce the new imperialist offensive unleashed by Turkey of Erdogan, a NATO member country – with the complicity and criminal approval of Trump and US imperialism – in the Middle East, aimed at hitting Kurdish fighters and, in this way, reopening the path of military aggression against Syria and its government.

We denounce the unprecedented responsibility of U.S. imperialism to endorse the announced carnage and an intervention in direct benefit of the fundamentalist troops of the Islamic State, so far greatly weakened by the forces on the ground that have fought against ISIS, the Syrian army deployed with the legitimate government of Assad in the first place, Kurdish fighting forces, Iran, Hezbollah, with the decisive contribution of the Russian Federation in determining the setback of fundamentalism. The aggression of Turkey, in open and explicit violation of international law, reopens a phase of strong instability in the Middle East, in an area that for many years has known nothing else, as a result of the imperialist offensive to hit the states ” not appreciated “, because independent.

It is not surprising, in this context, that the United States has opened the way to Turkey’s first offensive against the Kurdish fighters. The main interest of imperialism has been, and still is, the dismemberment of sovereign states that are ” undesirable ” to the US administration. From this point of view we must read the support given to the Kurdish people, betrayed today with the green light for a bloody operation.

In this context, the possibility of a common front between Kurdish fighters and the Syrian army, which has always been loyal to the legitimate government of Syria, led by President Assad, appears significant in tackling the imperialist invasion. It is no coincidence that, in these hours, the so-called Syrian Free Army – the so-called “democratic rebels” anti-Assad – has placed itself firmly on the side of the Erdogan militia, once again tearing apart a veil of lies – that the mainstream media have spread over years and years of scientific ideological mystification carried out by the false media machine – on the imperialist conflict unleashed against Syria over all these years and on the real positions and objectives of the “rebels”.

Communist militants and communist structures must be engaged in the mobilization, promotion of public initiatives in every city, under the watchword of the No to the imperialist war against Syria, against the massacre of peoples. In registering the complicit inertia of the main EU institutions, we affirm that Italy must not only dissociate itself and oppose the criminal initiative of Turkey, but must also dissociate itself and escape from the mechanisms and systems of war that, yesterday as today, pivot around NATO and the United States of America; interrupt the shameful supply of arms produced and sold by our country in favor of imperialist conflicts. For internationalist and anti-imperialist solidarity.

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