Attempted “colour revolution” in Minsk. Need for highest vigilance!

Note by the International Department of the Italian Communist Party

At this time there are protests in Belarus by those who do not want to accept the result of the elections which, with 80% of the vote, express the conviction of the Belarusian people in President Lukashenko. 

These mobilisations are an obvious attempt at subversion by forces led by US/EU/Nato, which do not want to respect the will of the people. As already happened in Ukraine with Euromaidan in 2014, which led to a fascist coup in the heart of Europe, attempts are being made to destabilise a country by supporting protests from outside. 

Belarus has the highest per capita income among the former Soviet republics, a growing economy, state-guaranteed services. But the mainstream media covering the news of the protests from Minsk want us to believe that Belarusians prefer to become the new Ukraine, relying on right-wing, neo-Nazi and pro-EU opposition.

It is the same media that are covering up the news and don’t say nothing about the evidence of financial support to those are organising the protest from the agencies linked to the US State Department, such as the NED.For these reasons the Italian Communist Party calls for the highest vigilance, because the already serious situation could quickly plunge into chaos, and appeals to the Italian government not to align itself with the voices of those who would like to plunge Belarus into chaos, thus endangering peace in the heart of Europe.

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